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Just outside Lecce, there is a place to learn how to rebalance your body, mind and spirit by bringing back harmony and well-being.

Oasi Verde di Casin’Anand aims to be an example of life as a harmonious path, along which man and the earth walk side by side in tune with each other. As part of this profound connection with nature and our inner wellbeing, we invite our guests to remove their shoes inside the house. This gesture symbolises leaving the world’s “dust” outside and at the same time connects them with the place that is welcoming them.

Here we can begin to listen to one another once more and also get to know and love one another, all with the help of the Kundalini yoga philosophy.

This oasis of peace invites you to a journey deep within and outside your whole being, thanks to the spirit that brings La Casina to life: an oasis of equilibrium, a place of joy that will transform your stay into an unforgettable moment of wellbeing, serenity and personal fulfilment.

A timeless

Casin’Anand’s goal is to become the House of Balance, an example of harmonious and mindful living that takes the time to ensure that any human activity leaded by spirit expressing itself is free to manifest here with joy.

Anand means joy in Sanskrit. Casin’Anand wants to be the home of joy: a joy of existing, being, loving and expressing oneself.

A journey between continents
and different moods

Tales of travel experiences.

Every detail is taken care of. There are the ten rooms, the flat and the suite at Casin’Anand range among many suggestions. The owners, inspired by their travels to different countries and continents, recount their experience through the rooms and spaces of the Casina.


Influential places



Travel light, Live light,
Spread the light,
Be the light

Tarandev is the soul of Casin’Anand.

After a lifetime of traveling around the world to deepen his knowledge, his mission is manifested in the creation of Casin’Anand. He chose to settle down and put down roots to create a safe and special place dedicated to a lifestyle where body, soul, and spirit harmonize joyfully.

A place that encompasses
numerous spaces

The casina offers an environment entirely dedicated to wellness, offering the opportunity to immerse oneself in activities aimed at the care of the mind and body.

The yoga room is designed to host classes and workshops, providing a serenity-inspired space to cultivate your inner balance. In addition, we have a dedicated room for corporate seminars, designed to allow for customised events.

The tale of Casin'Anand goes on

I use this blog to tell and share the story of this place and reveal every facet that makes it unique.


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