A vegetable garden for natural companion planting.

La Casina’s green area has been designed to help re-establish the natural equilibrium, which has gradually decreased over time. A fundamental part of this project is to restore the plant species that have almost disappeared and help create an abundant biodiversity that stimulates the senses and inspires a profound feeling of gratitude towards the wonders of our Mother Earth.

A vegetable garden
of companion planting

A harmonious plant ecosystem.

This method aims to reproduce natural dynamics and increase biodiversity by ruling out the need for pesticides or artificial fertilisers. The main objective is to create a well-balanced, self-sufficient system, in which the plants help each other to optimise soil health and improve the overall harvest yield.

A well-balanced,
self-sufficient ecosystem
where plants help each other.

The vegetable garden is a welcoming place open to everyone, ready to be explored with guided tours that offer a unique opportunity to learn not only about the variety of products we grow, but also about the cultivation process. If you explore the vegetable garden, you’ll be able to reconnect with mother earth.


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