An undiscovered world
surrounding the Casina

Casin’Anand is located in the small town of Novoli, on the outskirts of Lecce. The town is fortunate to be strategically located in the center of the two coasts, Adriatic and Ionian, allowing its guests to reach one rather than the other depending on the wind and mood! Indulge in the nature, the silences and the well-being surrounding the Casina and enjoy the rejuvenating sunshine of Salento!


Porto Cesareo is considered the beach of the Novolesi, because it is the closest beach in the Ionian Sea, only 23 km away. In addition to the beautiful coastline, consisting of two rivieras, it is possible to visit the impressive Marine Biology Museum suitable for adults and children. From Porto Cesareo heading south, one comes across the beach of Torre Squillace with its 16th-century fortification by the sea. A little further down you can discover the beauties of Nardò with its ancient historic center of S. Caterina, Le Cenate with their display of eclectic and surprising villas. Also, there is Porto Selvaggio beautyful nature reserve where there is a small beach of gravel and pebbles washed by a transparent sea that attracts many tourists. Inland you can visit the town of Galatina, which stands on the eastern slope of a slight rise and gives a number of small churches, chapels and crypts that ooze history. Returning to the coast, you can find the beautiful city of Gallipoli, a charming seaside town, where one can either stroll through the historic center surrounded by ancient walls, churches and period houses, or enjoy a swim at Lido Conchiglie. You cannot end your vacation without stopping in the beautiful Pescoluse, the Maldives of Salento, a coveted tourist destination that gives its guests moments of joy, immersed in an incredible sea.


On the Adriatic coast, the closest places are San Foca and the nature reserve oasis of Le Cesine where wild beaches and frequent strong winds are the perfect nourishment for kite surfers. Further down is Acaya with its striking castle and golf club, and Grecia Salentina, a group of villages where Griko is still spoken. Compared to the Ionian, the Adriatic coast is wilder, as witnessed by the nature around Torre Sant’Andrea, also famous for its archaeological sites.

Moving even further south, one encounters Torre dell’Orso with its fine, silvery sandy beach and majestic pine forest, and then the picturesque Otranto, called not coincidentally “The Pearl of Salento,” a town that develops around its imposing castle and Norman cathedral. Finally, thanks to a recommended passage to Punta Palascia, the easternmost territory in Italy, and Santa Cesarea Terme and Castro, one can reach there, where the two seas meet, the “finis terrae” Santa Maria di Leuca, the extreme tip of the heel.


Further north along Puglia’s beautiful Adriatic coast, one can visit Ostuni, also known as the White City because of its charming historic center; and Alberobello, the pearl of the region and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996, famous for its countless trulli that have inspired painters and poets for centuries. These two beautiful towns together with Martina Franca and Fasano border the Itria Valley, a plateau where flora and fauna reign supreme. Before arriving in the capital city of Bari, a stop in Polignano a Mare is a must. Its sea caves are interesting, while historically important are the historic center and the remains of Roman rule, visible in the Via Traiana bridge. After half-hour drive, you can immerse yourself in glorious Bari, the region’s economic center, strategic foreign trade hub and cultural capital of the Mezzogiorno.


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