Oasi verde
of Casin’Anand

An ancient

Originally a country house, today an oasis

The term “casina” identifies the features of the pink houses of Salento, where wine was produced (the equivalent of French Château wine). Anand means joy in Sanskrit. Casin’Anand aims to be a place where we can learn to live with ourselves, with others and with the Universe. La Casina offers various opportunities that enable everyone to create their own kaleidoscopic experience, where place and time blend harmoniously.

Close to Lecce stands a place devoted to rebalancing the body, mind and spirit.

First constructed as a dwelling in which to transform grapes into wine, Casin’Anand has now transformed into a magical oasis immersed in the greenery, where you can escape the frenetic, modern world. This is a place where you can use your imagination to travel in search of self-awareness in what is occasionally a spiritual experience.

Casin’Anand’s goal is to become the House of Balance, an example of harmonious and mindful living that takes the time to ensure that any human activity leaded by spirit expressing itself is free to manifest here with joy.

Casin’Anand is a hospitable place, steeped in history and art, where the communal spaces encourage conviviality and restorative harmony. The atmosphere inside offers a journey through epochs and continents with a wellbeing area carved out of the original rooms where the grapes were pressed underfoot. Beauty, which is considered the fundamental ingredient for our salvation, permeates every space.

Outside, guests can experience over 5 hectares of varied nature, with sensory paths that immerse them in the scents and sensations that favour meditation and wellbeing. The evening birdsong and the majestic sunsets mark the slow passage of time at La Casina.

Casin'Anand is a project where man and nature
ceaselessly support and communicate with each other.

The companion planting in the vegetable garden provides primeval vegetables and herbs for the meals and refreshments. Production is organic with a zero carbon footprint. The vegetable garden is also a place to pause around the tiny pools created to collect rainwater, which have revived the varied, abundant, local fauna that you will enjoy rediscovering, thanks to the ecosystem that has been recreated.


Via Ofanto, 5 – 73051 Novoli LE 
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