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A house open to the world

Casin’Anand gives you the opportunity to be completely in tune with your own soul in a safe, comfortable space. By learning to listen, get to know and love ourselves with the help of the ancient tradition of Kundalini technology that masterly coordinates posture, breathing, concentration, sounds, relaxation and meditation, we are able to keep our circulatory, immune and nervous systems well-balanced to avoid any insufficiencies and stay as healthy as possible.

Yoga Teacher
and of holistic disciplines

Casin’Anand opens its doors to host the yoga teachers and holistic discipline.

At Casin’Anand we welcome not only Kundalini yoga, but also other holistic teachings.

If you are an instructor, you have the chance to spend some time here with your pupils, offer lessons for our guests in various sessions or organise holistically themed workshops.

You can choose the period you prefer and coordinate a stay with your pupils to give them an experience of wellbeing in this magical place.

Casin’Anand can host up to 35 people with a common room for 11 guests in the mediaeval village. The instructor can stay with a maximum of 3 other people.

The 65 sqm yoga room offers a welcoming room with exceptional acoustics and large windows overlooking the garden outside. After the sessions, guests can relax on the surrounding lawn next to the pools and under the centuries-old mulberry trees. You can practise yoga in various places on the estate, including the olive grove, the panoramic terrace, the Diamante room and the garden below with a special room devoted to gong baths.


Explore art in all its forms with our artistic workshops by local artisans designed to inspire your creativity in a welcoming, stimulating environment. We host artists and craftspeople searching for a unique place in which to involve their pupils in an unforgettable creative pathway, thanks to the beauty of this place throughout the year.

Tarandev can organise customised sessions
of Kundalini yoga.


Tarandev offers individual and group courses of Kundalini yoga.
Group courses (minimum 3 people: 90 minute session – EUR 25 per person
Courses for couples and individual courses: 90 minute session – EUR 75

Timetable: At 11:00 a.m. or 6:00 p.m.. You are advised to book your place when you book your room to optimise time management.

Are you a master of holistic teachings or would you like to organise an artistic workshop?

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