Casin’Anand an oasis of peace and harmony just out of Lecce

In the deep Salento, at the gates of Lecce city, a new place is born: Casin’Anand , the house of the joy, un green lung devoted to slow life, harmony and balance. Here in an only place Peace, Beauty and Wellness melt together to create the perfect match for body, mind and spirit rejuvenation. Every day can be unique and special thanks to the panel of experiences offered to awaken all your senses. In these 15 acres oasis, fascinating landscapes help to experience perfect state of peace.

Tha main House the Casina is the pulsing heart of the project, and all around the green resort is organized in thematic gardens or agricultural spaces dedicated to the olive tree, orchards, beehives or synergetic horticulture. All of this punctuated with the swimming pool spot, the spa, the fitness corner, the play game station, the brasero garden, the Japanese garden, or the maze, creating all together a unique and very special place.

Consuelo Verde, Tarandev Kaur, teacher of kundalini yoga, open the doors of her place, also to others yoga or holistic disciplines teachers, as a perfect place where they can organize their retreats. Artist are welcomed as well, loving and creating in different disciplines, Consuelo will be delighted to host creative holidays/retreats. Casin’Anand is located in a strategic point , close to Lecce, in the middle of the 2 Apulian seas, all to made it the perfect location to satisfy many interest for a pure relaxing holiday but also for a time of personal growth and learning. Here the time stops and the space of the eternal present opens up allowing to find the beauty and the infinite value of the surrender to the All. I am very honored and happy to show you, weekly, the different facets of this place I create. May the Sun always shine on you With love Consuelo Tarandev


Via Ofanto, 5 – 73051 Novoli LE 
+39 0832 26 73 63