Welcome to my magical World

The green oasis I create to be a place to take the time to really exist!

I had the vision of this place 8 years ago and it took me all this time to manifest it by the creation of a gathering place for people seeking to revive their soul!

My need was to create a living example of the mythical *change*everybody dream about. (and yes now it’s reality!)

I like to call this creation a Fu/tourism and a Bodymindspirit holidays place.

Oasis verde Casin’anand is not only a peaceful place surrounded by 15 acres of magnificent nature, only 9 km out of the beautiful Lecce town,( capital of the magical Salento region), in the middle of the 2 seas (20/25Km), offering many leisures and experiences.

First of all it was created to be a place where the self is facilitate to connect to his deeper essence, the Nature and the Others.

I will personally lead kundalini yoga retreats, but this place was especially created to hire Yoga, holistic and art retreats and events.

After years spent to travel the world to attend retreats I felt the need to create my place, next to my roots, and host teachers, healers and artists to create a big family coming and coming back to restore, renew, relax and make together this time a better time!
Casin’Anand can host till 34 people in different kind of accommodation: from the dormitory to the luxury suite!

In addition it is the perfect place for business companies and team building for totally privatezed conventions and seminars where, beyond the many leisure offered, yoga classes for managers will be held by myself.

This is a regenerative estate where along the all year it will be worthy to make a stay.

Every season has a different interest and offers magical unique experiences;

From the winter where you can really enjoy to stay in one of the 12 differently inspired rooms where colors, smells and atmospheres will make you feel cozy and safe; the spa that will plunge you in sensory escapes with dedicated treatments; the yoga classes in the beautiful shala, the silent or mindfulness retreats, the discovery of the synergetic agriculture, the water rain lakes we create and the ecosystem reborn from them, the sylvotherapy among our 500 olive tree and pomegranate trees, the moments together by the fireplace in the common room with one of the beautiful books from my library and the evening around the brasero in the fire garden… under the starts sipping an homemade infusion…

I will describe all the unforgettable moments you can live in Oasis Verde Casin’Anand in the blog, in the website (the new version very soon online) you will find the calendar of activities and in the newsletter all the news.

Le lingue

Via Ofanto, 5 – 73051 Novoli LE 
+39 0832 26 73 63