The Birth of Casin’Anand

Sat Nam, Hello everyone!

Today, I will tell you about my dream of creating a real place in an increasingly augmented reality world, where one can express oneself freely by connecting with the most beautiful, fresh, and authentic aspects that reside in our hearts when we take the time to truly listen

This desire led to the creation of this Green Oasis called Casin’Anand, the house of joy, a place like no other, the house I dream of sharing with you!

I was fortunate to be born in the 1960s, so I have lived many experiences, many lives, in several different cities. But deep down, what I have always desired the most was to create a safe, beautiful place detached from the frenzy of contemporary life. A place where technology is used intelligently and satisfyingly, allowing us more time to live in a healthier, more harmonious way, in tune with the surrounding nature and our inner selves.

In my younger years, I experienced life in various communities, from those with university friends passionate about agriculture living in “casali” in central Italy to the ones that revealed what was already within me but couldn’t find a way to express itself, with Bhagwan Rajneesh (alias Osho today), to the most mystical experience but in disagreement with my desire to continue being part of the larger world, with the Hare Krishna, without confining myself to a box.

Each time, I left with a sense of bitterness; there was always something that didn’t work, whether it was coherence, freedom, or empathy.

These were the years between the end of higher education, entering university, and professional training schools that turned me into a fashion creator. I worked in Milan in the 1980s, the magnificent years when creativity was expressed in all directions. The youth, energy, the desire to create and have fun made Milan the place to be. We all knew each other in the creative field; everything was very beautiful but also very superficial.

And I was always searching for something deeper that gives true meaning to my time on this earth.

Finally, at 50, the great lightning struck, and it happened through a mantra discovered in a yoga class, a practice I started in the 1980s when, even in Milan, yoga schools were not numerous.

It was the Mul Mantra. I didn’t understand a word of the text, since the language is Gurmukhi and not Sanskrit like in the mantras I knew until then. But something melted within me. It was as if I was finally listening to a familiar song again, and it gave me a deep, infinite joy, an incredible vital charge. I truly felt rejuvenated by a powerful and unsuspected energy.

From that moment, I wanted to know more. From the mantra, I went to the singer, from the singer to Kundalini yoga and Yogi Bhajan.

I started practicing, attending international festivals, and embarked on the path to become a teacher myself. The more I progressed, the clearer became the mission of my life: to create this place I had given up on years before, thinking it was too late.

The Mul Mantra is the beginning of the sacred text of teachings and songs, the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. It is the source, the origin of everything. I reconnected with my true essence. It was the miracle that shows how a buried seed has the power to wake up at any moment.

This parallel between human nature and nature itself spoke to me profoundly and gave me the mission to create a place to plant the seed for a better renewal.

I created this place with love, fervor, and passion. It is my home, the place of joy where people like me, on a quest for well-being and the profound meaning of life, can come together. Those who are consistent with their soul and the cosmos that supports us.

People who want to share my lifestyle, practice yoga with me, meditate, but also simply live in the present, soaking in calm, beauty, and delight.

This place was created to be available to anyone seeking a place to bring together students, guiding them on a journey of personal and spiritual growth. They can organize their retreats here in a non-anonymous place because it is also where I live, open all year round, all immersed in 6 hectares of nature, beauty, the mistress of balance and harmony, a source of grace and bliss.

My home is your home if your goal is mine: to make a soul, make this world better, come here to recharge and carry this new strength outside to spread it in your surroundings.

The world can only change through small individual acts. We are the only ones responsible, and we must take responsibility in this age of Aquarius.


Le lingue

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