The Sicilian Garden

An area that mixes a garden with areas of crops.

There are alternate rows of various types of opuntia, a few almond trees, pistachios, a few holm oaks and pyrachant that border the area dedicated to beehives where our bees produce an exquisite thousand-flower honey.

The entire length of these gardens is bordered by eucalyptus trees alternating with false peppercorns and a Mediterranean scrub grove of myrtle and mastic trees where local birds can nest and where you can stroll to discover the local flora.

The other side of this path that runs along the wall separating us from the village is blooming with bougainvillea, jasmine, honeysuckle, clematis, and a nice path where you can jog around the property.

In this space we also find the 17-meter pool designed to blend pleasantly into the surrounding countryside, spectacular with its cascading wall, overflow, hammocks and the variety of trees and shrubs that surround it such avocados, camphor trees, walnuts, feijoa, cysts and agapanthus.


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