My Kundalini Yoga and life style

Today, I want to share my experience with Kundalini yoga and my lifestyle.

Kundalini yoga is a wonderful discipline that prepares us to face daily life with consciousness, presence, and alignment.

This ancient technology reminds us of who we truly are and what we can manifest in this life, creating a connection with the Universe and recognizing our full potential. It also teaches us to have confidence in ourselves, based on the fundamental truth that power and trust can only come from within ourselves. When we discover how real and rapid this transformation is, our life can truly change for the better!

My day starts with Sadhana, a dedicated practice that gives one-tenth of my day to my soul and gradually nurtures the seed of a better life.

This beautiful habit, when it becomes constant and rooted, using the tools this ancient discipline teaches us, has the magical power to transform us quickly, improving our daily life and freeing it from stress, adversity, and heaviness.

The three hours of practice begin with the recitation of Japji, a sacred text that reconnects us to our soul through its first 40 pure verses. After that, I connect to the golden chain of masters who came before me by reciting mantras, and then the physical practice begins. I start with warm-up exercises followed by a Kriya, a set of postures related to breathing, focus, mudras (hand positions), and sometimes mantras. Each Kriya is designed to achieve specific benefits. In Kundalini, there are so many that I could do a different one every day without repeating the same one for 18 years.

After the practice, I dedicate a moment to relaxation, necessary for the body to assimilate and register all the benefits obtained from the practice itself. I conclude with a meditation session, essential for cleansing the mind. At the end of this complete sequence, I have nourished the soul, body, and mind, and I feel ready to face my day with renewed energy!

The complete Sadhana, dedicated to the Age of Aquarius that we entered in 1992, concludes with an hour of mantra chanting.

After planting this new seed of freshness and confidence, I feel ready to act in the same way with our Mother Earth. Yoga is an attitude towards life that should be put into practice once we leave the “yoga shala” (the room where yoga is practiced). I felt the need to contribute, in my own small way, to taking care of our common mother: the Earth, which has been severely mistreated in recent years and is suffering greatly in this region deprived of its wonderful olive groves.

On our six-hectare estate, we practice synergistic agriculture, and I enjoy spending time with my hands in the soil, taking care of it, and learning the true meaning of exchange, attention, and reward. Every day, with renewed excitement, I discover how generous it is if we only respect and love it more.

Casin’Anand is a place of work, but it’s also an ideal place to dedicate “Me time” because reharmonizing with what surrounds us is beneficial. It allows us to savor the geometries and balances that this place is rich in, helps us find our space, and makes us feel vibrant. On a small scale, it brings us closer to the infinity that surrounds us.

Dear friends, see you soon with the continuation of Tarandev’s day.


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