Casin’Anand: an example of ecological awareness

Casin’Anand has been created to represent a concrete example of the change that all of us would like to see in this era of our suffering Mother Earth. As a Kundalini yoga teacher and the owner of this place, I have embraced the philosophy of awareness and respect for our Mother Earth, and I have created this place to put it into practice with a protective and respectful attitude that has the least harmful impact on her. At the same time, this magical place aims to be a harmonious example of the coexistence of beauty and comfort, showing that this is possible even without waste and pollution.

Anandaland, with its nearly hectares surrounding the Casina, aims to be a legacy for future generations, a seed that will grow, becoming a living example of virtuous behavior. This begins with the super-technological system of state-of-the-art photovoltaic panels, designed to provide us with all the energy the resort needs, to home automation aimed at not wasting even a thread of electricity more than necessary. Irrigation water comes from our well, and we have also created a rainwater harvesting system that feeds into storage ponds, which, in turn, beautify the landscape and enrich it with local fauna that has reappeared, such as various types of frogs, toads, and multicolored and varied dragonflies, as well as many useful insects and aquatic flora composed of water lilies, papyrus, and iris.

The project would not have been complete without the internal production of our vegetables and fruits, all strictly organic and cultivated using the synergistic methodology of respecting the earth, cohabiting plants that help each other, plants that enrich the soil, thus avoiding the use of chemicals and saving water, an increasingly rare and precious resource. Working in the garden and orchards is also a meditative act, with slow, careful, and dedicated movements that we will be happy to introduce you to and let you experience. The chanting of mantras, positive and joyful thoughts that accompany these tasks, have an impact on the exquisite taste of our vegetables and the production of honey from our happy bees, which we allow to forage in the Greek hay up to the allowed limit, giving them more space at the expense of the workload that we will have to face later. Furthermore, we have planted and sown more than a thousand trees and bushes, creating a green lung in an increasingly arid region, disrupted by landscapes transformed by the suffering of ancient olive trees. Here, we found the last specimen of Novoli plum, which we were able to revive, and it is a delight. We are proud to have contributed to this wonderful feat, as well as for the wild orchids that sprout among our 2 hectares of healthy olive groves, producing excellent extra virgin olive oil, hawthorns, Saint Anthony’s roses, and some species of unidentified but excellent figs.

In addition to endemic species, we have also enriched the landscape with more exotic trees, creating themed gardens, allowing you to discover new species, benefiting from their beauty, but above all, from the healthy energy they emit. We could not neglect the value of eco-sustainable architecture, and indeed the new buildings have been constructed with philosophy, materials, and natural, innovative, and sustainable means, around which we will develop a food forest, a combination of beauty and utility, born from the awareness of the value of food and the avoidance of waste.

By coming to stay with us, you can discover all of this, savor our genuine products rich in flavor and love, get inspired, and take with you memories and ideas to develop, and rediscover the child within you by reconnecting with Nature!

I look forward to seeing you online soon to learn about another aspect of Casin’Anand!

Le lingue

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