A Typical Day at Casin’Anand: A Kaleidoscope of Wellness and Senses

Dear friends, today I want to tell you about a typical day here at Casin’Anand, where the hours fly by, offering numerous kaleidoscopic experiences for the well-being of the soul and the senses.

After sadhana, the morning yoga practice, we head to the adjacent dining room, where our senses are awakened by freshly baked, fragrant cookies and pastries, helping us start the day on a sweet note!

The honey from our happy bees, various jams, and creams made from our synergistic agriculture products awaken your palate with authentic and genuine flavors. Freshly prepared juices and smoothies will delight you with our locally sourced vegetables and fruits, in perfect harmony with our locavore philosophy. The same goes for our extra virgin olive oil, obtained from our beloved olive trees just a few steps away.

If you are here for a simple relaxation break, breakfast will be your first step to begin the day. I have designed this place as an oasis where you can rest and pamper yourself in total serenity. We offer spacious areas that allow for moments of introspection if that is your desire. You will never have to worry about crowds, as we have only 12 rooms on nearly 6 hectares of land!

Casin’Anand was conceived as a place to cultivate carefreeness and beauty, temporarily stepping away from the chaotic outside world. We offer a wide range of activities to cater to diverse tastes. You can start with a rest by the pool, lulled by its gentle sounds. Or you can opt for the hidden jacuzzi or Finnish sauna among the olive trees. Alternatively, you can book (with 24 hours’ notice) a solitary journey in the enchanting spa, which combines elements of Indian and Salento culture. For those who prefer physical activity, we have a modern fitness corner, or you can go jogging around the estate, alongside numerous flowering bushes.

If you desire a more contemplative experience, you can take one of our bicycles to explore the various themed gardens. You can meditate in the Zen garden, discover the beehives in the Sicilian garden, or even get lost in the labyrinth and uncover a surprise inside. You can meditate on a platform surrounded by water or be enchanted by the dragonflies’ flight around the three rainwater collection ponds, discovering the aquatic flora that inhabits them. You can also marvel at the lotus flower pond or learn to identify the cacti in their dedicated garden. Alternatively, you can simply enjoy the presence of the trees, each with its unique energy field and healing strength. You can hug them or simply sit nearby with a book borrowed from our multilingual library.

Another highlight is our olive grove, composed of 500 healthy trees proudly representing Casin’Anand. Besides the exceptional oil they gift us, they offer a haven of silence, beauty, and harmony, where it’s pleasant to get lost, meditate, observe, and absorb their peaceful energy.

We also have a synergistic vegetable garden, an orchard, raised beds, and ground crops. It will be interesting to talk to those in charge of these activities and learn some tips to inspire and replicate them once you return home. Furthermore, those responsible for transforming our products may show you how they are dried, fermented, or processed, and you might even participate in demonstrations of homemade pasta and other typical local specialties.

Lunchtime will come quickly, and you will be offered a simple, genuine, healthy, and creative menu upon reservation the day before because we don’t like waste at Casin’Anand!

In the afternoon, you can continue to explore the various facets of the kaleidoscope by adding a visit to our boutique (open only in the afternoon), where you will find our agricultural and non-agricultural products. You can also discover the game room with billiards, pinball machines, foosball, and ping pong. Or you might opt for a game of soccer in the specially equipped field, where you can also practice field hockey and lawn hockey.

We also organize 5-day workshops on Kundalini Yoga practice several times a year, featuring morning and evening sessions. I suggest signing up for our NEWSLETTER to stay informed about the events and workshops that will enliven Casin’Anand. Outside of these weeks, you can still book private or group Kundalini Yoga classes in the afternoon.

In the evening, we organize themed dinners a few nights a week (by reservation), or we can recommend restaurants in nearby Lecce and the surrounding area.

It all can conclude with a visit to the rooftop bar for a final drink or sorbet under the stars. Alternatively, you can choose to walk around the fire or in other magical corners that Casin’Anand offers before retiring to one of the comfortable bedrooms of your choice. Each one has its own charm, and to get to know and experience them all, you just need to stay here 12 times!

Are you eager to come and discover this magical kaleidoscope? I look forward to welcoming you along with everyone else, and see you in the next chapter!

P.S. Of course, for those who wish to explore the surroundings, we are just a few kilometers from the wonderful city of Lecce, as well as the beautiful golden beaches of the Salento coast and places of natural, historical, and cultural interest. We recommend renting a car for greater autonomy, but if you prefer, the train station is only a 20-minute drive away, and you can explore the surroundings by train in a picturesque way. With our bicycles, you can also follow cycling routes through the surrounding countryside, particularly enchanting in spring with its thousand colorful flowers – another kaleidoscope!

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